The Story

My name is Vince Speelman I'm a front-end developer from Detroit, Michigan that loves moving the web forward. My weapons of choice are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. I also love pre-processors (Sass, CoffeeScript) good tools (Vim, TMUX, Git, LiveReload), and people who care.

I'm all about responsive web design, unwavering semantics, and modular code. I've created responsive web apps for multi-billion dollar financial institutions, social communities for teen pop idols, socially aware movements for anti-bullying campaigns, accessible sites for government organizations, and platforms for musical revolutions.

I ship code outside of my day job and I fight for what's right inside of it. User experience is king. Accessibility and interoperability must not be an afterthought. Progressive enhancement is a mantra.

Off-screen, I'm a musician, coffee and beer snob, food lover, and wannabe chef.

Let's get to know eachother. You can follow me if you'd like a never-ending stream of GIFs and geekery, sprinkled with a healthy dose of consipracy theories and civil disobedience.

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